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Wyvern on Aviano F-16s
I noticed there is very little on our aircraft here that really says it's from Aviano other then the tail flash. Many bases have a falcon painted on both sides of the aircraft right behind the cockpit, and others have their mascot, such as Osan has a Mustang. I think we should paint the Wyvern behind the cockpit of all of our aircraft. It could be white on the regular aircraft and color on the 31st Fighter Wing and 31st Operations Group flagship aircraft. This would instill pride and esprit de corps in the 31st FW.

A: In regards to your recent commander's connection query, there are only three authorized optional markings on F-16 aircraft per (IAW ACCI 21-105):
1) "bird of prey silhouettes"
2) "aerial victory markings"
3) "tail stripe markings"

In order to paint any another type of marking on our aircraft, a waiver approved by the Director of Logistics at Air Combat Command must be obtained to include such thinks as Mustangs, Wolf heads, Wyverns, etc. At this time, we have no plans to submit a waiver request on this issue, but I do appreciate your enthusiasm. Thank you for the query and your continued hard work!