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Town Hall Community Updates - January 2020


Town Hall Community Updates

The town hall series provides a venue for updating the community on quality-of-life improvements and for leadership to hear suggestions and feedback from the community.

The following are updates on topics that were discussed at the last town hall here on August 13, 2019.

The next Aviano Town Hall will be scheduled in the next couple weeks. An update will be provided in the Aviano All, Aviano App and on the official Aviano Air Base Facebook page.


Food Options:

AAFES is searching the marketplace for an interested and qualified vendor who could fill the need of a food truck. Air Force Services Activity (AFSVA) has been contacted for flight line food options. The 31st Force Support Squadron is currently working details between AFSVA and the 31st Fighter Wing for the flight line.

The 31st Force Support Squadron intends to refurbish the Alpine Golf Course to include the restaurant layout. Approximately $45,000 was spent to upgrade restaurant furniture.

AAFES is open to researching vending machines again. Historically, vending machines in Italy must be contracted with Italian providers. This often means the vending machines are typically stocked with Italian food choices, not necessarily ones US customers are used to seeing or eating. 

Air Force Services Center has deemed the Aviano market unable to sustain an American restaurant. To address the issue, the 31st FSS has worked with our facility managers and cooks to enhance food quality and options. We are excited as we continue to expand our American fare offerings within the La Bella Vista Club to include fish tacos, gourmet burgers, and chicken wing flavors.



The Fitness Centers conducted an equipment refresh of 51 strength and cardio machines and equipment in 2019. The Wyvern Runner’s Series was started in August 2019. Expect to see more changes this calendar year as the team continues to look for new opportunities for equipment upgrades, purchases and events. 


Quality of Life Programs (QoL)

Obtaining a new civilian US driver’s license is not offered at Aviano because the Air Force does not have authority to issue state issued driver’s licenses. To receive a US driver’s license, contact your state of residency to learn about individual state requirements. A state-side driver’s license is required to be eligible for an Italian license. The 31st Logistics Readiness Squadron does provide GOV licensing.

The Aviano App provides a Feedback tab as a method to provide input and suggestions to Wing Leadership. The information goes to the Public Affairs office and sent to appropriate offices.

The base does not offer courses to teach manual shift driving.


Spouse Employment

The next NAF Job Fair will be held on February 5, 2020 from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. at the La Bella Vista Club. Current job listings can be found on


Medical Group:

Patient travel expansion now includes Udine, Trieste, Treviso and Monastiere to the list of locations for which is reimbursable for patient travel.

Happy or Not Kiosks are now installed for patients to provide quick, live, anonymous and immediate feedback.

A full-time Patient Experience Officer is in place at the 31st Medical Group to proactively improve the experience of our patients, as well as handle any grievances or complaints. Second Lieutenant Evan Feno can be contacted at, DSN 632-5327.

The Patient and Family Partnership Council is well attended and going strong. Council meetings are held every first Monday of the month at 9 a.m. in the 31st Medical Group’s Commander conference room.

Funding has been approved for three Camp Darby patient liaisons. For further information, please contact them at DSN 633-8346 or Commercial 539-050-54-8346.


Questions and Responses:


Q: Can we improve the temperature and humidity in the fitness centers? How is the temperature and humidity monitored to ensure safety of fitness canter patrons? Is it possible to open the ceiling windows in the Wyvern Fitness Center?

A: The Wyvern Fitness Center was originally a hangar, therefore it was not designed to have a robust A/C or ventilation system. Our engineers at the 31st Civil Engineer Squadron are working on a smart solution to overcome the original design considerations in order to help keep the building cool in the summer. Additionally, while the Dragon Fitness Center currently has limited cooling capacity due to chiller inefficiencies, the long term fix is to design and fund a major construction project that better controls the temperature throughout the facility.


Q: Is it possible to put a crossing guard in front of the elementary school?

A: The issue is currently being resolved and there will be an update when more information is available.


Q: Is it possible to support a base program for spouses similar to FTAC for Airmen? Specifically, to provide a base tour for Area F and Area 1.

A: Family members such as spouses are able to participate in a windshield tour as part of the Wyvern Welcome newcombers’ briefing on Wednesdays. Additionally, the Airman & Family Readiness Center provides opportunities for spouses such as “Spouse Hour” every Wednesday, Benvenuti tours on Friday, weekly cultural awareness classes, and free basic Italian classes monthly. Also, many opportunities are provided by the 31st FSS, which can be found in the monthly Grapevine magazine.


Q: Is it possible to improve the wait time for the Area 1 Barber shop?

A: The Area 1 Barber shop now has 3 fulltime barbers employed to help reduce the wait time.


Q:  There is limited dining on base after 6 p.m., especially on Sunday. When personnel are arriving or departing the base after establishments close, it makes it difficult to find food without transportation. Can the Food Court and LBV extend hours?

A: The La Bella Vista Club is currently manned 50% with servers supporting current five day a week operations. The Human Resource Office has expanded recruitment opportunities to include Active Duty military to fill vacancies. The 31st FSS will re-look at Sunday openings. AAFES has extended the Shoppette hours until 1 a.m., Monday through Saturday, and until 9 p.m. on Sundays, providing late night food options.


Q: Can housing provide a showing service for houses?

A: Unfortunately, at this time the housing office cannot provide showing services for service members. Instead, we recommend our fantastic sponsors assist in showing homes to inbound personnel. If a sponsor is not assigned or available, we recommend contacting your First Sergeant for additional assistance.


Q: App Notifications do not show up on Androids.

A: The firewall for the Aviano App was recently updated. The issue involving App notifications on all platforms should have been resolved. If you continue to have issues with notifications, please contact the 31st Public Affairs office at DSN 632-7555, Commercial 0434-30-7555 or


Q: Is it possible to get a car washing service on-base?

A: Our 31st Civil Engineer Squadron looked into this possibility approximately seven years ago. Unfortunately, it was disapproved. Our option at this time may be to work with our 31st Contracting Squadron or AAFES partners, if the demand is there, to pursue other avenues to meet this requirement. 


Q: Will it be possible to have an on-base urgent care option on the weekends rather than sending families to Pordenone? Will there be better availability for spouses’ access to medical care on base?

A: Currently the only option for emergency services is at Pordenone Hospital. Patient Liaisons assigned to the 31st MDG are available to assist patients as needed and can be contacted through the Command Post at DSN 632-3100 or Commercial 0434-30-3100.

Four new providers have been assigned to the 31st Medical Group and we are able to meet appointment demands during the weekday. Patients should call for appointments at 7 a.m. when the appointment line opens. Additionally, appointments can be scheduled online at


Q: Are there services to help with spouse-on-spouse bullying?

A: Mental Health provides marriage counseling and F.A.S.T (Family Advocacy Strength-based Therapy) services. These programs provide information and referral services; including: crisis intervention, brief/short-term therapy, and/or supportive interventions focused on agreed upon goals, objectives and evaluation.

A resource for children that may be experiencing bullying, can contact the school resource officer at DSN 632-5677 Extension 5036.


Q: For retirees living in the local area, are they entitled to use the medical services on base?

A: Retirees should contact International SOS to enroll in TRICARE Select for the EURASIA region. The 31st MDG offers TRICARE Plus in which retiree patients may be assigned to a PCM at the Medical Group. Patients over 65 will need to be enrolled in Medicare Part B and TRICARE for life.


Q: Is there a way to get notification added to the Aviano App for things like gym class cancellations, cardio equipment down, community center class cancellations, and event cancellations, etc?

A: The 31st FSS does not operate the Aviano App. However, the 31st Force Support Squadron Marketing Department oversees many social media platforms where people can find the latest information. We recommend you follow these pages for this type of information: 31sr Force Support Squadron, Aviano Community Center, Aviano ITT, Aviano La Bella Vista Club, Aviano Airman & Family Readiness Center, ODR Aviano Italy, Aviano Fitness Center. The 31st Force Support Squadron main Facebook page will typically share posts from subordinate activities.


Q: As retired military, must I find someone to sign me on to be allowed to enter base?

A: In order to request access to Aviano Air Base, please contact the Visitor Control Center at 0434-30-4114 or and complete an Installation Access Request (IAR). This form is routed through 31st Security Forces Squadron and the Italian Air Force and usually takes 2-3 weeks to process. Please note, the Italian Air Force is the final approving authority. Inquiries will be notified once IAR has been approved or denied.


Q: Will on base housing ever be established here?

A: At this time, there are no plans to construct on-base military housing at Aviano.


Q: Can we use the App for notifications like BX, Commissary, and Shoppette hour changes?

A: Any hour changes or closures provided to the 31st Fighter Wing Public Affairs office can be found under the “Closures and Notifications” tab on the Aviano App. This information is also shared in the Aviano All email. This feedback was given to AAFES for future notifications and considerations.


Q: One of the best services on base that is not advertised enough is Airman Against Drunk Driving. Would it be possible to boost its advertisement on base in places like the LBV, Shoppette, Aviano App and BX?

A: The 31st Fighter Wing Public Affairs office includes an AADD message on the marquee prior to long weekends. We also provide this information on the Aviano App under “Directory,” “Emergency,” and “Airmen & Families.” Information can also be found on the “Aviano  AADD” Facebook page.

Q: Can we improve morale-net in the laundromats?

AAFES is looking into feasibility of providing the morale-net in these locations.


Q: The basketball courts are always full. Can we prioritize people who play basketball for its use?

A: The basketball courts can be reserved. If they are not reserved, there is a dry-erase board that keeps track of next availability.