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31 FW civilian workforce stays ready

(Courtesy photo of Beverly Diaz, 31st Force Support Squadron civilian personnel officer, teleworking)

(Courtesy photo of Beverly Diaz, 31st Force Support Squadron civilian personnel officer, teleworking)


The civilian workforce at Aviano works side-by-side with military members who prepare, employ, and sustain lethal, combat-ready Airman and assets to deter, win the current fight and be ready to win the next fight.

Remaining fully mission-capable while engaged in the COVID-19 response has been quite the task, but it’s a task the Civilian Personnel Flight has consistently met with gusto.

“Not only do we manage our civilian workforce to support the overall mission and protect our North Atlantic Treaty Organization alliances, we provide tools for supervisors and commanders to help take care of issues their civilian employees are dealing with during this world-wide health crisis,” said Beverly Diaz, 31st Force Support Squadron civilian personnel officer. “This ensures overall workforce efficiency, emergency preparedness and quality of life is maintained.”

The CPF provides human resources and advisory services to the 31st Fighter Wing, tenant units and mission partners (Defense Commissary Agency, Defense Logistics Agency and DoD Dependents Schools) located in Italy and Hungary. These services include various human resources disciplines such as employee relations, recruitment, labor, classification, resources, and training. 

In response to COVID-19, the CPF has maximized their use of virtual programming flexibilities, and implemented various protective health and safety measures to limit exposure to the novel coronavirus.

"We are key to managing civilian personnel assigned to our base, and it’s important to maintain those lines of communication open to our customers while respecting the physical-distancing requirements,” said Diaz. “[We do this] through utilizing all email capabilities, transferring work phones, accomplishing virtual ‘on boarding’, maximizing telework, and participating and sharing information through wing virtual town halls.” 

Not necessarily everyone needs a laptop or computer to telework, said Diaz. Telework can also be used for working projects, reviewing and writing policies, participating in professional-development programs, and other administrative duties.

“By maximizing the use of telework and virtual programming available at our finger tips, we decrease disease transmission, create physical-distance framework and reduce the base footprint to stay healthy and safe while supporting Aviano’s mission,” said Diaz.

This group of hard-working human resources professionals are committed to providing superb customer support, in normal operations and otherwise. 

“I appreciate their dedication, flexibility and great attitude through these challenging times,” Diaz said. “I am very proud to be living here in Italy living and working side-by-side with my Air Force family and Italian partners. They have welcomed me with open arms, and together we will continue to support our important military missions.” 

For more information regarding the CPF, please contact Ms. Beverly Diaz, at DSN 632-4058, or commercially 0434-30-4058, or email .