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Sending a special grazie to local law enforcement


This holiday season, Office of Special Investigations (OSI) Detachment 531 at Aviano Air Base, Italy, partnered with Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) students to send a special ‘grazie’ to 75 Italian law enforcement and security service agencies across Italy.


The students recognized the sacrifices made by all the local law enforcement who served on the front lines to protect the health of their local communities during the pandemic.


“These cards represent a small gesture made by small hands but with a huge meaning: thanking local law enforcement for their sacrifices and dedication, especially during COVID 19 Pandemic,” said Mrs. Katia Barzan, OSI Det 531 liaison officer.


OSI Det 531 is grateful to our Italian law enforcement and security teammates for their continued support, friendship and mentorship during an unprecedented season.


“Cards were brilliantly handmade by DoDEA students and contained the sentence ‘alle forze dell’ordine, grazie di tutto e buon natale,’ which means, ‘to law enforcement, thank you for everything and merry Christmas,’” said Barzan.


One of OSI’s main goals is to strengthen partnerships. OSI Det 531 develops those relationships across, not only Italy, but Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary and Romania.


OSI Det 531’s ability to foster partnerships with NATO allies expands resources and spheres of influence in support of 31st Fighter Wing’s tactical initiatives.