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Aviano wins, loses big: Fitness center, HAWC host weight loss contest

Aviano Air Base, Italy -- Aviano members now have a new way to lose, and win, big. The Dragon Fitness Center and the Health and Wellness Center have teamed up to bring the community "The Biggest Winner" fitness contest. 

The game, based on a popular reality TV game show where contestants compete to see who can lose the most weight, encourages participants to take fitness classes and learn about a healthier lifestyle. 

"It's not a mandated program, but we wanted to have something to offer the Aviano community and to get people motivated for working out," said Jennifer Kellner, 31st Services Squadron fitness programs director. 

"We want to get people in shape, give them the ability to try something different and learn about all the classes Aviano offers," she said. 

The contest works by allowing people to earn points for weight loss, which is based on pounds and inches lost - calculated by measuring a person's abdominal circumference. Weight loss accounts for 70 percent of a person's overall score and taping is 30 percent. 

In the Biggest Winner, contestants are also rewarded with points for every aerobics, fitness or HAWC healthy lifestyle class they take. 

"For every 50 points people accumulate, they can take one pound off their final weight, which helps toward the total weight loss score," said Mrs. Kellner. 

People can enter the competition in one of three categories - individually, in a team of four or with their family. Teams can pick or will be assigned a Certified Exercise Specialist if needed. 

When people sign up, they will receive a packet via e-mail that includes all the program rules, class schedules and the weigh- in dates. 

"This is a great way to bring everyone together, get them active and involved, and get them informed about all the base classes and activities available to them," said Mrs. Kellner. For more information on the contest, or to sign up, call the Dragon Fitness Center at Ext. 7459.