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Aviano dorms get wireless Internet

Aviano Air Base, Italy -- Living in Aviano's dorms just got better now that the 31st Communications Squadron has installed wireless Internet access. 

The squadron began installing Internet access points in November and has completed connections to all the dorms except dorm 219. 

"It has really improved their quality of life," said Staff Sgt. Alex Argudin, 31st Communications Squadron network infrastructure technician. "In the Area Two dorms, they had the option to get Internet [through a local provider,] but it was unavailable in the flightline dorms. Wireless was the only option for them." 

Using old equipment the communications squadron received from Hill Air Force Base, Utah, the 31st CS installed access points and wired them to the Internet so Airmen in the dorms could get free internet access in the dayrooms. 

"We put in Omni directional antennas allowing enough coverage so you can go outside on the patios and be online checking e-mail or studying while enjoying the sun and being with friends," Sergeant Argudin said. "But they can't get it in their dorm room unless they live close to the dayroom." 

Sergeant Argudin said the Internet access is not monitored, and it's like they had ADSL at home. 

"It's faster, but you're sharing it with other people," he said. "It's great. I couldn't imagine living in the dorms and not having it - they are hooked." 

Airman Zak Payne, 31st CS network infrastructure technician, who has lived in the Area Two dorms for five months, he said he is very happy about having free Internet access.
"I was walking over to the Community Center or using the Area Two dining facility to check my e-mail," he said. "It's cool. I don't have to wait in line behind 20 people just to use a computer and wonder if the network is up or down. 

"Now I can go into the dayroom with my laptop."