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Aviano offers online MIHA, utility surveys

Aviano Air Base, Italy -- Aviano members have an opportunity to increase how much money they receive for their utilities and Move in Housing Allowance by completing an online survey.

The survey runs from Feb. 1 to 28 and can be accessed at

The annual utility survey helps assess the average costs servicemembers receiving Overseas Housing Allowance spend on utilities. The MIHA survey is offered every three years and assesses the average costs servicemembers receiving OHA spend on relocating and housing maintenance.

"The last time we did the MIHA survey was 2004," said 2nd Lt. Tony George, 31st Comptroller Squadron deputy financial services officer. "Last time, there wasn't that much participation and the MIHA went down about €400."

MIHA is a one-time fixed-rate allowance given to servicemembers moving overseas. The survey asks what move in expenses the servicemember experienced that was not covered by any other allowance or reimbursement and as well as in what currency the expense was paid. Lieutenant George said the results of the MIHA portion of the survey won't benefit anyone already here, but those PCSing in.

"There are unexpected hardships with moving overseas," he said. "People forget about the things you need [for your new home] when moving here."

However, Lieutenant George said everyone will be affected by the results of the utilities portion of the survey since the utility allowance is paid monthly.

"We want to make sure everyone is taken care of financially," he said. "If you do the survey, you make sure everybody here now, and PCSing in, is taken care of."