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Fines, restrictions imposed for ‘five finger discount’

Aviano Air Base, Italy -- The Army Air Force Exchange Service security branch monitors all activity within the base exchange. 

With more than 25 cameras, security personnel are trained to spot anything out of the ordinary. Plain clothes workers also walk around the exchange to key in on any suspicious or inappropriate behavior. 

In many instances people who have attempted to shoplift take an item worth significantly less than the trouble they got themselves into. AAFES imposes a fine up to $200 for any shoplifting incident within its stores. 

Additionally, anyone, including military members and their dependents, caught shoplifting gives up their identification card and loses shopping privileges for one year. Military members caught stealing will face punishment through their chain of command and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. 

Besides losing base shopping privileges, the Italian authorities may get involved and impose a €1,200 fine. The shoplifter may also have to go to court and pay court fees.
People who see any suspicious activity should report it to the 31st Security Forces Squadron law enforcement desk at Ext. 7200.