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712th Red Horse Flight rides off into the sunset

Aviano Air Base, Italy -- The 712th Red Horse Flight at Camp Darby, Italy, was deactivated Oct. 23. 

The flight, which had been at Camp Darby for 16 years, provided assistance to Assissi after an earthquake in September 1997 which left 4,000 people homeless. The flight also cleared 500 tons of mud after the May 1998 mudslide in Siano. 

"This is a unique Red Horse unit. The vehicles deploy more than the people do," said Staff Sgt. Shawn Ballor, 712th Red Horse Flight member. "I wouldn't mind being in another Red Horse unit when I leave here." 

The 712th RHF supported deployments to Bosnia during Operation Joint Endeavor, to the Balkans during Operation Allied Force/Sustain Hope and in Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom. 

"Everybody [in the unit] got along really good," said Senior Airman Randy Jacobs, 712th RHF. "We worked hard, played hard, and hung out after work and on the weekends. It was a good time and I'll miss [everybody.]"

Camp Darby is one of Aviano's Geographically Separated Units. Located near Pisa, the Army installation was home to two 31st Fighter Wing assets.
Since the red horse deactivation, the camp is now only home to the 31st Munitions Squadron.