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2007 Child care fees remain steady

Aviano Air Base, Italy -- With rising gas prices and a fluctuating exchange rate, many Aviano families may be feeling their wallets getting lighter. One thing that won't be contributing to the cost of living is the 31st Services Squadron child care fees. 

Child care fees for the 2007 service year are projected to remain the same as for 2006.
"No raise in fees is always great news for our families. Whenever we consider new fees, we factor in the impact on families and the financial status of our program," said Melissa Wesley, 31st SVS Child Development Center director. "We believe our current fees are set at the correct rate this year to maintain our financial goals, and support our families by maintaining our fees." 

The Department of Defense is required to prescribe uniform fee regulations for Military Child Development Centers and School Age Care Programs. The two regulations that govern these costs, the DoDI's 6060.2 Child Development Programs and 6060.3 School Age Care, describe the fee policy and require the principal deputy under the Secretary of Defense to publish fee ranges on an annual basis. 

"The income ranges and fees are adjusted in line with current indices of inflation provided by the [Department of Defense] comptroller," said Dianna Doggette, 31st SVS, family member programs flight chief. "Each base then selects fees with the available ranges." 

As directed by the Military Child Care Acts of 1989 and 1996, child care fees cover about half of the total cost of providing the care and are set high enough only to cover the costs not paid for by taxpayers. 

"The fees are normally adjusted to cover the cost of annual pay increases for non-appropriated fund staff, their benefits, promotions and training," said Ms. Wesley. An increase in child care fees also covers consumable supplies not purchased with appropriated funds and food program costs not paid for with appropriated funds or reimbursed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture child and adult food program 

Currently, the basic fee purchases 50 hours of child care per week, including meals and snacks for a maximum of 10 hours per day. 

"When you consider that military child care is 'the model for the nation,' every dollar spent in child care fees is used to provide top quality care and curriculum for the children of the families we serve," said Ms. Wesley. 

For more information about enrolling a child in one of Aviano's child care programs, call Ext. 8246 for the Flightline CDC or Ext. 5199 for the Area Two CDC.