• What a year!

    It has been an incredible experience for me to lead the many wonderful and talented Airmen of USAFE. I remain honored to serve with you here in this exciting place during these remarkable times. There is no place my wife, Litha, or I would rather be. During this past year, I completed 56 different trips to 19 different countries and saw great work
  • Why the Inspector General?

    With the Air Force's high-ops tempo, compliance is paramount. In the Inspector General activity, arguably, the best known program we have is the compliance inspection, while a much less understood one is the IG Complaints Resolution Program. What's important to know is both serve critical roles to ensure the economy and efficiency of the Air Force.
  • My job is people -- It can be yours too

    It's not the long duty hours, the late night phone calls or the demands on my family that make me love my job - It's the relief I see in the eyes of an Airman when I help them through a tough situation; the sense of accomplishment an Airman exudes when he finds out he's been promoted to Senior Airman Below-The-Zone; or the gratitude in an NCOs face
  • A hangover that will live in infamy

    Nobody ever did, or ever will, escape the consequences of his or her choices. No sane individual wants to live with the blood of another human being on his or her hands. I certainly don't. But on Oct. 19, I made a choice that could have resulted in injury or death. I got behind the wheel of a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. As early
  • How about a little perspective?

    How do you view the work you do in your office, back shop, medical facility, vehicle or aircraft? How does your career field contribute to the success of your unit, base, and the Air Force as a whole?Since joining the Air Force in 1991, I've had 17 different direct supervisors, I've been permanently assigned to four overseas and four stateside
  • Balad ER: A ballet of chaos

    Since my arrival at Aviano, I've been asked on several occasions to describe what it was like to spend a year as the commander of the Air Force Theater Hospital at Joint Base Balad, Iraq. Many of those reading this article have deployed in support of Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom or both. You all have your own stories, usually
  • Warrior Care Month recognizes sacrifices; support, programs available

    The Department of Defense recently designated November as Warrior Care Month. To stress the importance of this observance I want to reach out to all active duty, National Guard and Reserve Airmen to tell you there are programs and resources within the Air Force, the DoD and the Department of Veterans Affairs available to you. The Air Force is
  • Ten reasons why senior leaders must be fit to fight

    What do senior leaders do when they find they are too busy to fit in consistent daily workouts? I have watched many senior leaders in my short 25 year Air Force career, and I find all the good ones find a way to fit it all in. If you're normal like me, sometimes you don't fit it all in and it's always a juggling act. The reasons why we rationalize
  • Leaders Change, Standards and Challenges Do Not

    This was a difficult week for our Air Force. On Thursday, 5 June, our Secretary and Chief of Staff tendered their resignations to the Secretary of Defense. Secretary Mike Wynne and General Buzz Moseley are men of honor and integrity. Their resignations resulted from failures in a critical mission area, one in which perfection is the minimum
  • My DUI conviction changed my life

    Attending the USAFE Road Show the other week was very hard for me because I knew that I was "that guy" that they were talking about. I made a bad decision one night that I can never take back. The conviction of Driving Under the Influence of alcohol has been a completely life changing experience. I can say from personal experience the impact goes