• Are You Really Ready for Retirement (I mean REALLY)?

    In March of 2007, I wrote a column for the base paper in which I addressed some important financial decisions that one should take early in their career in regards to planning for retirement. That column can be viewed at the following web site: In this column I will address some of the important
  • Top 10 Ways to Stay Out of Trouble

    A few years ago, I read an article written for an Air Force base paper in England. It was written by captain in the Area Defense Counsel office. In it, he discussed, from his experiences, the top ten things an Airman could do to stay out of trouble. I've had the opportunity to command five different units and have found that advice to be spot on. I
  • National Physical Fitness Month--Do your part to stay in shape

    "Better health is an individual responsibility and an important national goal,"President George W. Bush Our Commander in Chief has declared May as "National Physical Fitness Month."The President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports challenges all Americans to get moving for health and to get active and fit during the month of May. As we are all
  • CC Connection, Town Hall offer open communication avenues

    One of the greatest challenges we can have in a large and busy wing is communicating problems, concerns and good ideas. The Aviano Town Hall Meeting is one way we can communicate better. We had our first one in February with good results. The next one is scheduled for Thursday, May 29, from 6-8 p.m. at the base theater. This is an opportunity for
  • Attitude is everything

    "Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be." Abraham Lincoln Question: What makes for a positive assignment experience? The location? The job or duty itself? The people you work with? Answer: YOU do! How many times have you been given the advice, "Think positive", or "Look for the silver lining", or "Consider the glass half
  • Sex, Drugs, & Rock-n-Roll

    The song "Sex & Drugs & Rock-n-Roll" by Ian Dury became a hit single in 1977. Since then, we've had this edgy three-word phrase to play around with, and pop culture periodically revisits it. It's one of those tongue-in-cheek phrases, embodying a cocktail of truth, sarcasm, desire, & fear. We yearn for the carefree and irresponsible lifestyle that
  • Sexual assault prevention: The bystander's role

    Sexual assault is a crime that is not compatible with military service. A sexual assault has consequences for both the victim and the unit long after the incident. Every April, the Department of Defense and other organizations across the nation observe Sexual Assualt Awareness Month. This year's theme for SAAM is Prevent Sexual Assault: Ask! Act!
  • Airmen improving quality of life through action

    Being lucky enough to live in Northern Italy as a member of Team Aviano is a true blessing. This team is a wonderful mix of Active Duty, Civil Service, Local National, NAF, DODDS, AAFES, DECA, Contract, and various other tenant unit employees and their families. In our community we have many activities and programs which raise the quality of life
  • Become a Military Saver!” “Take the Saver Pledge!”

    ""Enroll today at!"Expect to see and hear these and other Military Saves messages sweep across military installations during Military Saves Week, Feb. 24 - March 2. Military Saves was developed through a cooperative agreement between the Department of Defense and the Consumer Federation of America to promote the financial
  • Don't ever stop giving

    You couldn't imagine the look on her face. I've never seen eyes so bright and a smile so wide. She looked at us and said, "I'm from Sacramento--is this for me--oh my gosh--no way." I looked around and everyone was smiling and laughing--despite the cold and where we were. For one brief moment Afghanistan and all the burdens of deployment simply