• Create results through action with CFC

    Most people have a philanthropic soft spot or care for a particular topic, problem or group of people. My concern is for people suffering in third-world or warring countries. I cannot help but think of the children who are impoverished from birth with little hope of opportunity, or the single mothers in war-torn countries with no hope for change,
  • Leadership ... how hard can it be?

    Are leaders born or are they taught? There are expert opinions supporting both sides. Look at the football-playing Manning family: Peyton and Eli, the sons of famous New Orleans Saints quarterback Archie Manning, make you think maybe there's something to being born with all the talent you need. But then there's Chris Simms, the son of New York
  • Strengthening our team through seams

    Do you sew on your own badges or alter your own uniform items? Even if you don't, to be a successful Airman in a successful unit, you still need to master the skills of a seamster. Prevailing wisdom in our profession is that seams are bad. Most of us have at least one enlisted or officer performance report that relates how we "seamlessly" solved a
  • Creating peace of mind

    Last week, I spent a day on the civil war battlefield of Antietam. It was there that we faced the bloodiest day in the history of American warfare: 23,000 lost their lives that day. It was their total sacrifice for freedom that helped preserve a union of colonies known as the United States of America - a union predicated upon the belief that "All
  • The importance of feedback

    After about a month in Italy, it is easy for me to see why being a member of the Aviano Team is more like being part of a family than an organization. From the warm welcome my family received in mid-June, to the Fourth of July celebration the wing shared with our Italian friends, and the outpouring of support and well-attended memorial for Staff
  • CST prepares Airmen for war

    Team Aviano, thank you for the warm welcome! My family and I have been thoroughly impressed with every aspect of this wing from the wonderful pet-friendly temporary lodging facilities to the sound of freedom every time one of our aircraft rolls down the runway. It is readily apparent that every member of the World's Finest is dedicated to
  • Challenge yourself for a fulfilling assignment

    The summer season brings many different changes. In our profession, it also brings change in locations with many people packing up for PCS moves. A new adventure is right around the corner for the family and new opportunities to grow with additional experience in your career. I've PCSed several times in my career and while I'm not a big fan of
  • Abide the law, ride with the proper headgear

    It's a taste of heaven - the sun is out. There's a gentle breeze. The road is calling you - a perfect day to ride your motorcycle. Your bike is all shined up, your gas tank is full and you're ready... But wait - don't forget your helmet! That's the most important part of your riding gear. In fact, did you know that your U.S. Department of
  • Make the most out of your assignment

    Enjoying the Italian experience? What's that? How do you make one? I'll try to explain. First of all, it's a by-product of an assignment here at Aviano. Let's face it, not only do we live and work in the World's Finest Fighter Wing at one of the most beautiful bases in our Air Force, but we are afforded the blessing of serving our nation while
  • Respect: The foundation of success or failure

    R.E.S.P.E.C.T. You've heard the word; perhaps the song. It's the foundation of success or failure, both personally, as a wing and as a country. It is the lack of respect that results in poor performance, poor service, DUIs, discrimination, failure of integrity, mission, government, and even diplomatic failure between countries. So let's take apart