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  • Ride safely: May is National Bike Month

    You've seen them everywhere; bicyclists. They're all over the roads here, like ants at a picnic. I don't blame them; Italy is a fabulous place to hit the roads or trails on your bicycle. Since May is National Bike Month, I figured this would be a great time to bring up some very important safety

  • Going somewhere? Travel smart, safe

    Aviano offers many opportunities, especially travel. Traveling to many nearby locations is a great way to spend time with family and friends while changing your environment and reducing stress. Several simple steps - prepare, plan, piano - can keep your trips stress free and allow you and your

  • Help children understand separations, deployments

    The entire U.S. military community joins together this month to pay tribute to our greatest contribution to our future - our children, as we celebrate the Month of the Military Child. There are more than one million children of active duty military members, and their role in our military community

  • Doing things the right way vs. the easy way

    Dozens of times each day all of us are faced with the dilemma of "doing the right thing." In almost all tasks we set out to complete, we can really only make two choices: Doing things the fast or easy way or doing things the right way. In doing the right thing, I mean taking the time to ensure the

  • My lack of integrity

    My name is Senior Airman Richard Knight and I currently work in the Aviano Post Office. Before Nov. 17, 2006, I was Staff Sgt. Knight and my life was going great. I had just recently PCS'd with my new wife, Mary, to perform a special duty assignment and I had just sewn on staff sergeant. For the six

  • Leadership: Not a new American, Aviano trait

    Like many of you, I am both pleased to have the TACEVAL behind us and proud of the wing's performance. After so many years of flying airplanes, one of the habits instilled in me is to always look back and debrief key events and think about what went well, what didn't go so well, and harvest key

  • Retirement planning: Don’t stop me if you’ve heard this one before

    Let me first apologize to those members of the 31st Mission Support Squadron who have heard me go on and on about this subject. Also if you've been through Airman Leadership School in the last six months you heard my pitch (some call it a tirade.) So if you've heard this before, please humor me and

  • Just how professional are you?

    One of the added benefits of being a maintenance officer might go unnoticed by most people, but I've had the privilege to share an office with a chief master sergeant throughout my career. There's no better way to learn about professionalism than to be surrounded by it all day long. I entered the

  • ARR: More than a defender’s motto

    If you have recently attended a 31st Fighter Wing promotion ceremony, quarterly awards luncheon, Airman Leadership School graduation or annual awards dinner, you may have heard a common pirate term "ARR!" used by the security forces. This is not a security forces attempt to be rebels, nor did they