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  • Unsafe driving? It could lead to permanent damage

    At Aviano, we experience approximately one major motor vehicle accident every other day. Since 1995, these major accidents have resulted in an average of three motor vehicle related fatalities or permanent disabilities each year. One out of every five people at Aviano will experience a motor vehicle

  • Five tips for a regret-free Aviano tour

    I know we're supposed to use this space to expound on current Air Force issues, but I've never been one to be normal so I'm departing from that guidance and sharing the top five list of things I've learned (or re-learned) during my tour at Aviano. · Travel - I find myself in a little bit of a panic

  • JROTC commander see the world through wing commander's eyes

    Dominique Dacanay was selected to shadow Brig. Gen. Robert Yates, 31st Fighter Wing commander, during the Aviano High School Shadow Day Feb. 2. She was invited by him to share her thoughts with the community. It was a great day shared by all and Ms. Dacanay is a shining examlple of the World's

  • Someone’s bad choice leads to a birthday gone wrong

    What do we, as a community, have to do to prevent people from drinking and driving? This was one of the questions asked at last month's commander's call after the tragic fatality. We are still asking this question after the recent DUI. As I listened to the different perspectives on the topic, I

  • You have the power to change the future

    Have you ever used a cell phone, the Internet or a personal computer? Of course you have. We can hardly live without these modern communication devices as well as dozens of other items that didn't exist 20 years ago. Today the world, and specifically the Air Force, depends on new technology and new

  • Sharing the road: Driving through the eyes of a motorcyclist

    The automobile remains the king of the road, but other highway vehicles are taking their place in traffic. The growing use of different types of transportation for commuting, business and recreation has led to a complex traffic mix. In the local area and throughout Italy, motorcycles are a common

  • Chief shares experiences with wing exercises

    From the perspective of a qualified inspector who has been lucky enough to personally see some of our allies' performances, I thought the last exercise went well. As with any tough endeavor, the wing makes significant strides before we're ready to showcase our capabilities and professionalism. Some

  • Are you ready for combat?

    It was summer 2005 at Balad Air Base, Iraq. The day was going great, I was the Buzzard Top-3, which is the squadron supervisor on duty. Two of our jets had just landed and two were preparing for takeoff. It was business as usual when suddenly one of our NCOs rushed into the office. I could tell

  • Abandoning a member of the family

    To most of us, our pets represent so much more than just a pretty toy or a show piece. They're our children, our companions, our best friends and our life. So many more ways could describe them, but it boils down to representing just one thing: love. They become a part of you and a part of your

  • A lesson on what some people take for granted

    On the evening of Nov. 7, Brig. Gen. Robert Yates, 31st Fighter Wing commander, and I were out notifying the wing's newest promotees of their selection for promotion to chief. What should have been a great night quickly went south when we were passed in a no passing zone, by a car traveling at a