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  • Plan for safety this holiday, winter season

    As a time for celebration with loved ones, the holidays can be a joyous time of year. With holiday stress adding to distractions, your celebration could become a recipe for disaster. To keep your loved ones, and yourself, safe from holiday mishaps plan ahead. Plan a healthy holiday party. Festive

  • Stranded: Driver realizes winter car kit importance

    Fearlessly, my husband and I set off on the Autostrada. Destination: The Christmas market in Salzburg. We had Heidi, our sturdy and reliable Honda Civic. She may have not been the best looking car, but Heidi never failed us on any of our road trips. With just our hats, gloves and jackets we thought

  • Get prepared: Steps toward financial readiness

    If you know what triple witching hour is, you can probably feel comfortable skipping this article. On the other hand, if you think triple witching hour has anything to do with Halloween or an afternoon spent with your mother-in-law and spouse's sisters, you might want to read on. In a recent Letter

  • Inspiration comes from different sources

    I have a very simple plaque that hangs in my office. It's a plaque that's titled "Leadership" and has Luke 22:26 inscribed: "The greatest among you shall be like the youngest, and the one who rules like the one who serves." It was given to me by a former boss as I left for my first squadron

  • Wet roads, high speeds drive accidents

    It's no surprise that rainy conditions play a major role in the way we operate our vehicle. More than 450,000 crashes involving injury occur annually in adverse weather conditions on slick pavement, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. Hydroplaning is the leading cause of accidents

  • To complete the mission sow the seeds of success

    In today's high ops tempo environment, mission success rests on our responsibility to sow and grow the seeds of success wherever planted. To sow these seeds you must make your first impression your best and live up to it. Do this by being respectful, be ready and on time, and look sharp. You should

  • Remembering the importance of national POW/MIA day

    Most military members know that our nation has a National Prisoner of War and Missing in Action Recognition Day. What they may not know is that until July 18, 1979, no commemoration was held to honor America's POW/MIAs - those returned and those still missing and unaccounted for from our nation's

  • Striking a balance: Adjusting military obligations with family time

    Today's expeditionary Air Force places much greater demands on our military families and, with those greater demands, we must accept increased responsibility. I am not suggesting anyone sacrifice family for mission. On the contrary, I encourage everyone to strike a balance. The next time you plan to

  • Commander's Corner

    World's Finest warriors - As we approach the end of another full and satisfying week here on the World's Finest ranch, let's take pause to look at the many events going on in and around our Aviano community in the upcoming weeks. Some are sports-related, some have an Italian theme and there's also