• Sink or sail: Are you in balance?

    I’ll admit, I struggled to find an appropriate aircraft analogy to capture personal readiness – balancing work and personal life with resilience to combat life’s hard knocks.

  • Lookback by our mayor

    Since 2015, I’ve had the distinct privilege and honor of commanding the 31st Mission Support Group, which supports the 31st Fighter Wing defend U.S. and NATO interest, deter aggression and develop Team Aviano.

  • How you fit in

    The 31st Fighter Wing’s mission is to Deter Aggression, Defend U.S. and NATO interests, and Develop Aviano and every Airman should know how they fit into the mission and why their efforts matter.

  • Picturing my legacy

    It’s safe to say the older you get, the more stuff you accumulate as you move from base to base, assignment to assignment. Therefore, it reasons that I have a lot of stuff in my office.

  • Destinations: How to get lost in Bologna

    I arrived at the Bologna Central Train Station on a cold gray morning with a crump-covered napkin I’d jotted a couple landmarks on. My plan for the day: See the main square and stay out of the rain.

  • Defenders: Projecting perfect combat airpower

    Every week the 31st Security Forces Squadron leadership team meets with its newest Defenders for a quick welcome brief. I’ve had the honor of offering these briefs to our young Defenders across four squadron commands; and have been humbled to welcome in thousands of our warfighters at various US,

  • Battling apathy in the ranks

    The military, much like education, suffers from inadequate funding, an overloaded workforce and heavy-handed legislation. Aside from these obvious challenges, apathy is a subtle reality eroding the military and education’s effectiveness.

  • Unsung heroes of the flightline

    When I first took command of the 31st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, I noticed our guidon was void of any campaign streamers. Knowing aircraft maintainers had undoubtedly been a part of this wing and its legacy of valor through World War II, Vietnam War, the Cold War, and multiple combat operations,

  • Micro-deployments: The answer to today’s evolving threats

    “The best fighter is not a boxer, Karate or Judo man. The best fighter is someone who can adapt on any style. He kicks too good for a boxer, throws too good for a Karate man, and punches too good for a Judo man.” – Bruce Lee