This is a FIGHTER Wing

This is a Fighter Wing

Brig. Gen. Lance Landrum's, 31st Fighter Wing commander, commentary on warfighter readiness and every Airman's responsibility to remain a fighter, physically and mentally. Landrum's focus follows a common message throughout Air Force command. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Cory W. Bush)

AVIANO AIR BASE, Italy -- We are the keepers of military power, entrusted by our nation to wield immense lethality at a moment’s notice. Are we full-up ready for a fight if it kicked off tonight?

Take notice of our unit designation. We are the 31st Fighter Wing. Every Airman at this wing enables the projection of lethal airpower in one way or another. This is why you are here. Every Airman at this wing is a fighter and we should thirst for opportunities to sharpen our overall readiness.

In the world of academics or sports, students and athletes test, study and practice toward a final exam or championship game. No one expects to succeed on a test for which they haven’t studied. A boxer does not go three rounds if he hasn’t already practiced 3,000 rounds. Your favorite sports team doesn’t take the field if they’ve never practiced their plays.

However, I see two notable differences between us and a sports team:

1) Our championship game has no set date. We could be called to fight tonight, next week, next year, or years from now. Despite the unpredictable timing, we always have to remain ready right now.

2) Failure is not an option.

The message is consistent throughout our entire chain of command: The Secretaries of Defense and the Air Force, Gen. Goldfein as the Air Force Chief of Staff, USAFE-AFAFRICA and 3rd Air Force commanders—their number one priority is READINESS.

As a 31st Fighter Wing team, we all need to be prepared so our weapons systems and people are as lethal and survivable as possible. We’re all needed to protect forces, to generate forces, to project forces, and to receive and recover forces.

Every day, as a fighter at the 31st Fighter Wing, we need to train for the fight. We need to get better at our mission tasks every day. We need to be ready now—YOU need to be ready right now.

Your priority is to train and excel at your specialty and common military core skills such as Chemical/Biological/Nuclear/Radiological Individual Protective Equipment and reaction, self-aid buddy care, and post attack recovery actions, etc. that our nation and allies expect of men and women in uniform. They deserve nothing less than excellence from us. Our training and exercising will focus on excellent mission readiness from everyone at this fighter wing.

You are the keepers of military power, entrusted by our nation to wield immense lethality at a moment’s notice.

We are the 31st Fighter Wing.

You are a FIGHTER.

Think readiness. Think readiness right now.