31st Fighter Wing Compliance Inspection - Good Impressions

AVIANO AIR BASE, Italy -- The 31st Fighter Wing Compliance Inspection is just days away, and I would like to take a moment to remind all Aviano Airmen of the importance of making a good impression on the visiting Inspector General team.

The USAFE IG team of approximately 129 personnel will be here from March 20 - 29. Although base appearance and customs and courtesies are not specifically gradable in the UCI, violations in these areas affect the team's overall impression of the base.

Here are some general guidelines I ask you to keep in mind when the team arrives:
· Render proper salutes to passing staff cars
· Pay proper respects to National Anthems while they play
· Smoke only in approved smoking areas
· Do not walk with your hands in your pockets - wear gloves
· Avoid eating, drinking or smoking while walking
· Avoid profanity in the workplace
· Keep your workplace uncluttered, clean and professional
· Maintain proper hygiene and keep hair within AFI 36-2903 guidelines
· Ensure your uniform is clean and serviceable
· Wear your reflective belt at night

Additionally, the IG team can, and will inspect any offices required during the UCI, regardless of waivers, credits or exemptions. All personnel should readily and professionally receive inspectors, and openly showcase their people, programs, successes, and challenges; then work any concerns up their chain of command.

This inspection is your chance to highlight your capabilities, to show the inspectors why the 31st FW is a model for the Air Force, and your chance to be part of improving how the Air Force does business. Take it seriously, be professional and be proud to be part of the 31st Fighter Wing...Return with Honor!

(Adapted from "Leaders Need to Remind Airmen Good Impressions Essential During UCIs" TIG Brief, Fall 2009)