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Wyvern Warrior Team of the Week: 56th RGS

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Jessica Blair

This weeks Wyvern Warrior Team of the Week is from the 56th Rescue Generation Squadron, Tech. Sgt Kayla Morris, armament supervisor, and Tech. Sgt Lance Chunn, specialists section chief!

The team revolutionized the 56th RGS’s sponsorship program to better prepare their sponsors to receive new inbounds. These new processes have now spread to other squadrons throughout the Wing, making our Wyvern Nation more expedient and comprehensive.

“The main priority of our sponsor program is to make people feel welcome and like they’re a family member and part of the team before they even get here,” said Chunn.”

Chunn and Morris showcased their innovative talents when they took on the monumental responsibility of revitalizing the 56th RGS’s sponsorship program. Following TSgt Morris’ arrival, she “walked” the onboarding and sponsorship process to pinpoint areas of potential improvement. She then teamed up with TSgt Chunn, who was new to Aviano, to develop a solution-based approach for improvement.

“We took a completely different approach than what has typically been done with sponsor programs,” said Chun. “Typically, anyone in the unit was a sponsor, they would just randomly select people. But if the sponsor is a brand new Airman, maybe he's sponsoring an Airman that has a wife and kids or maybe even pets and might not be as familiar with how to guide them through those processes.”

Their efforts were highlighted by the Aviano Air Base Career Assistance Advisor as an excellent template that could be utilized throughout the 31st Fighter Wing, essentially benchmarking the sponsorship program designed by Chunn and Morris.

“Our first goal was to recruit sponsors who want to and are motivated to do this,” said Chunn. “And now we have about 25 volunteers, and they've been doing great work.”

The team then worked tirelessly to improve the individual newcomer treatment and orientation process with the Military Family and Readiness Center. They developed new products, such as the “Aviano Welcome” email template and the Aviano “how-to” guide to ease the burden of in-processing.

“I’m extremely proud and honored that the 56th RGS Sponsorship Program got the opportunity to be recognized,” said Morris. “Since my first day at Aviano I knew something needed to change. With the dedication of TSgt Chunn, myself and our team of sponsors, we have significantly improved this program not just for us, but for multiple other groups on base as well. I’m looking forward to continued improvements to guarantee the seamless PCS for all of our future inbound family.”

Their contributions accelerated the change necessary for the success of the 31 FW Sponsorship Program that serves to welcome more than 5,000 military members and their dependents annually. This ensures that countless new members to Wyvern Nation are cared for and get the best possible start at one of the Air Force’s premier assignments!

Great job team and keep up the great work!