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Aviano Air Base Anti-Terrorism Office

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Noah Sudolcan
  • 31st Fighter Wing

AVIANO AIR BASE, Italy – Being vigilant and aware of your surroundings is vital to the safety and success of the mission.

The 31st Fighter Wing Anti-Terrorism office’s job is to always be on the lookout for threats of terrorism and other things that could potentially harm the Aviano Air Base community. The AT office takes measures to keep the base safe with things like Eagle Eyes and different Random Antiterrorism Measures (RAM).

Eagle Eyes, 0434-30-3937 (EYES), or ‘See Something Say Something’, is just one of the many ways Aviano stays vigilant with the help of the whole community. This is a way to report any suspicious behavior such as elicitation, surveillance, suspicious persons out of place and dry runs.

“We are constantly monitoring different forms of social media, open-source forums and other avenues to keep checking for threats of terrorism,” said Krystin Bartelt, 31st FW AT office physical security specialist.

Some different RAMs that can be implemented are things such as getting pulled over at the gate for a random inspection, or an increase of patrols around the base by Security Forces personnel.

RAMs are implemented to randomly change tactics, techniques and procedures to ensure a positive defensive posture from which threats cannot easily track patterns or routines that are susceptible to attack.

“They increase uncertainty for threat surveillance,” said Bartelt. “They never know when we will implement them or which one.”

The AT office also determines and advises what Force Protection Conditions (FPCON) level the base should be in during base training exercises.

“Our office handles a lot, from increasing base patrols to determining if the bus routes for the schools are safe,” said Bartelt. “We also do site surveys for new Civil Engineer projects and are also always information gathering.”

The Department of Defense Education Activity (DODEA) provides the AT office every bus route and each stop in that route so random inspections can be accomplished. Each stop will have a threat assessment, if the route is deemed too risky, the school then takes action to find an alternative. 

The AT office also handles all off base event requests related to DOD personnel. Site surveys are accomplished to assess potential threats, as well as any mitigation action suggestions the event hosts can do to reduce the threat at the event.

“The security of Aviano Air Base cannot be accomplished by a sole individual, AFSC or office,” said Bartelt. “The success of our safety is a collaborative effort between all members and their allegiance to remain vigilant by expeditiously communicating any suspicious observations."