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Wyvern Warrior of the Week: Christopher Smith

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Douglas Lorance

This week’s Wyvern Warrior of the Week is Mr. Christopher Smith, Aviano Youth Program assistant, for his exemplary work in the Aviano Youth Program (AYP), especially with children whose parents are deployed. 

“Their parents aren’t here, so I’m there to listen to them and just be part of their life for them. To lend a helping hand while their parents are serving the nation,” said Smith. 

Smith has been a part of the Aviano AB team for roughly nine months and working with the AYP marks his first time working with the U.S. Air Force. However, his time in the civilian sector has given Smith a unique perspective that he loves to incorporate into his work at AYP.

“I have a training background and a supervisor background,” said Smith. “I’ve been a mentor to both adults and kids before.”

Interacting with the kids and being able to be there for them has been Smith’s favorite part of the job. He wants to make sure they have the space to learn and grow on their own while still being there to lend a helping hand or attentive ear when they need one. 

“It’s been super rewarding and given me an opportunity to be a mentor on a level that I never really expected,” said Smith. “When I’m out and about and one of the kids makes a point to say ‘Mom, Dad, that’s Mr. Chris’ or come say hello to me when they see me, that’s when I know I’ve made a positive impact here.”